5 Tips For A Having Great Photoshoot

If you have a photoshoot planned, whether it’s a family photoshoot, one with your partner or a photoshoot with all of your friends, you definitely want to be looking your best. You’re likely paying good money for the photoshoot after all, and even if it’s just a friend who’s taking the photos, you’ll still want to look good. Some people however don’t have the best relationship with cameras, having the tendency to make weird faces right when the camera goes off, or developing a pimple on their nose one day before the shoot. To make your photoshoot go smoothly and the photos looking great, we’ve gathered a few tips for you.

Dress Classy

Unless your photoshoot is for a modeling agency that requires you to wear specific types of clothing, you should play it safe and dress nice and classy. This doesn’t mean you have to wear something completely different than you normally do, but just pick your most classy, best looking outfit. Preferably something that’s not too extravagant, but still in line with your regular style.

You also want to coordinate outfits with the other people in the photo so the outfits don’t clash too much. For example, if one person is wearing a black suit and someone else put on red shorts and a blue polo shirt, the photo might end up looking quite strange.


Make sure that you are well-groomed and clean. If you have any zits, you can try covering them up with some makeup. If this doesn’t work you’ll just have to make people see past it using your beautiful smile. Don’t forget to brush your teeth though! You don’t want to have a big piece of food stuck between your teeth during the shoot.

Pick a Beautiful Location

Having your photoshoot at a beautiful location will make it much easier to take great photos. You could go to a local nature park, a great beach or some place in the city with beautiful architecture. Because you still want to the photos to be about the people in it, you may want to avoid a scenery that is too distracting.

Think of Some Cool Things To Do

A photoshoot doesn’t just have to involve standing still, looking at the camera and smiling. Think of something cool or funny you could do that will add some dynamic to the photos. For example, you could all do some kind of funny jump or a special pose. Alternate between funny photos and more serious ones so you have a few different kinds of pictures.

Get a Good Photographer

If you really want the photos to look amazing, having a great photographer can really help. You want to find one who helps make everyone in the photo feel comfortable and be enthusiastic about the photoshoot. The photographer should also of course know what he or she is doing with regards to lighting, camera settings, etc.

Oh, and most important of all, don’t forget to smile!

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at the Skin and Vein Center of Kansas City. Zane is glad he doens’t have to take any photos of himself anytime soon.