6 Fashion Must Buys For 2014

At this time of year you are probably start to think about what you are going to be wearing this summer. During Spring time we start to see Summer trends sneak through so now is the perfect time to start shopping and think about what you can buy to keep up to date in the fashion stakes. So what 6 clothing items should you be investing in this Spring/Summer?

1 – Something Pretty Pastels

Pastels are going to be massive this Spring/Summer so they’re definitely a trend you should jump on board with. The good news is that pastels are quite easy to wear, so you don’t have to be too bold or brave to wear these colours. You’ll find that there are loads of pastel items for you to choose from, so whatever your style you should be able to find something that suits without too many problems at all. If you want something to see you right through summer then a nice flowy skirt can be perfect for this, or you could go for a pastel cardigan ready for those chilly spring evenings, the choice is yours.

2 – Go For A Bold Print

In a little bit of a braver move, you should also look at investing in something that has bright colours or a bold print – or even better something that clashes! Don’t worry though, no one is expecting you to dress head to toe in neon, but a little splash of colour won’t do you any harm. You can look at leggings with side strips of bright colours or a bright shirt that you can dress down with a plain cardigan if you are looking for an item that eases you into the bold print trend rather than throw yourself in at the deep end.

3 – Crisp White

The other colour that is going to be popular this year is white. In order to wear this trend properly you need crisp white colours and fitted clothing. White shirts are perfect for this and there are so many of them on the market. You’ll also find within the white trend lots of different materials rather than just the usual ones we are used to. Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials and textures ,because this is also a trend that is going to be big for 2014.

4 – Bold Jewellery

Fashion this year isn’t all about clothing, you might want to make a little jewellery purchase too. This year it is going to be all about big bold jewellery and statement pieces. You don’t have to go over the top with this, if you’re not someone that wears much jewellery then one piece can make all of the difference. Finish off your outfit with a big pair of ear-rings or a lovely statement necklace and you’ll be bang on trend, without having to spend a fortune to get there!

5 – Flat Shoes

Perhaps surprisingly this year is going to be all about flat shoes, so you’ll need to get shopping for these. It could be flat pastel ballet pumps or real cow hide boots, whatever you decide to go for make sure they’re flat. The likelihood is that heels will never go out of fashion but this year flat shoes are definitely up there in the ‘must-buy’ items for fashion!

6 – Sports Luxe

Also this year sports clothing and luxury sporting brands are going to be up there in the trend stakes too. You don’t have to go too over board with this but you can easily wear a nice sports top or even finish off your item with a pair of trainers. If you aren’t sure what to buy to match this trend then ease yourself in and just buy a pair of trainers or even a sporting top that you can wear with a pair of  denim jeans throughout the summer.

The fashion trend for 2014 is relatively simple so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about how you are going to update your wardrobe to be able to wear it. On top of that you also have the fact that the fashion is easy to wear, so even if you aren’t feeling brave you’ll be able to find something to suit.

My name is Nicola and I have interests in fashion, design, fitness and beauty products.