A Guide To Mastering The Urban Image

The hipster or urban image is on the rise on our streets and there are so many people out there that profess to be “cool”. The problem is the fact that there are so many people in this boat that dressing in the hipster way now is becoming the norm.

In days gone by people who dressing with caps and skinny jeans were revered, they were the trendsetters. Now it is all you see, people dress the same, walk the same, listen to the same obscure DJ’s and all individuality has been lost. That said there are a few people still out there who have stayed true to themselves and do still hold an element of individuality, but this is a rare breed.

There are so many stores and websites now that sell rare and unique clothing that there is no excuse to be generic. This is the proof that individuality has been lost because people still choose to dress in the same way, these people have no individual style they are merely imposters. This article will highlight what it takes to master a true urban image.



If you are looking to perfect the urban image you have got to have confidence. This is the fundamental part of the act, you must make people believe that what you are wearing is unbelievably cool and individual to you. If you can succeed in doing this then you are half way to perfect the urban image without even putting a garment of clothing on.

We live in a very fickle world and the way people dress is intensely scrutinized. The interesting part of an urban image is that fact that it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing it is simply about how you present yourself to the world. If you have an aura of cool about you then regardless of what you wear people will think it’s cool.

I bet you can all pinpoint someone you know who is like that and in your head you think “he looks so stupid” yet it just works. It isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone and being confident is something that grows with exposure.

An Idea

You have got to have an idea and be willing to run with it. Footwear is extremely important when trying to perfect the urban image, Creative Recreation trainers at J-Bees is one example of a cool company that offers a wide variety of footwear options.

You have just got to do your research and find a style that suits you, the urban image is something that is very unique to the specific person therefore the advice given is quite general but it will help.

Disregard for Opinion

You have got to not care what people think, if you can successfully do that then your image will be successful. You have got to be willing to push the boundaries in an attempt to secure a strong reputation for being a driver of change and an outfit innovator. So many of us crave to be recognized as cool and mastering an urban image can be the best way to do it.