BMW’s Supercar Arrives!

Surely, all the BMW car lovers are hailing for the newest member of the pack, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. This has been the most awaited release from BMW and was unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show. It was attended by car enthusiasts of different brands and almost everyone in the crowd was awed with the BMWi8 plug in hybrid. With this newest baby from BMW, this is actually what the automakers have been promising us of a hybrid car that is a realization of Aalto-esque flanges, 94 mpg and scissor-hinged doors are definitely intact, like that one from the film, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

BMW’s Supercar Arrives!

Of course, since it is made for the future; which is here now, and a lot of car lovers seem to love speed, this hybrid is built to be driven like the future. It is made possible by the broad turbocharged. Also, the 1.5 liter three-cylinder put out more power per liter at 228 horse power than any cars from BMW and other vehicles. Amazing, isn’t it?

Hold on to your seats for BMW i8 plug in hybrid’s showcase of futuristic specification is not done yet. Yes, there are more of the amazing characteristics of this hybrid, of which in addition, is the seamlessly mated 129 horse power electric motor up front. Each of such power plants actually takes its own transmissions which are two speed units of battery whizzer and a six-speed automatic of the gas.

Furthermore, for this BMW i8 to able to act as a front-driver, the two mills are working in tandem; they can work individually as well, in the 22 miles range. However, when pushed to a rear-driver, a chugging gasoline is anticipated as well as when it will try to hit its target of 4.3 second sprint to 60 mph running forward with all the four wheels.

Are you already fidgeting to get behind the wheels of this newest BMW baby? Well, you are not actually alone. There are surely a lot of car and speed lovers out there who are already dreaming of this futuristic BMW’s babe. However, the ringing question of the many car lovers is: does it really worth its pricey tag? And as of the many, knowing the car company behind i8 plug in hybrid, which is the BMW; one of the credible and reliable car companies in the industry, this futuristic car is indeed worth its tag. Doubt no more for it will surely live up to your expectation.

Now, if you are already convinced that this is worth your credit card, savings or to mortgage, visit the nearest or your favorite car shop now and take a look with its awesome physical features. Regrets will probably be out of your vocabulary in buying this hybrid as it will surely live to your expectation as what its maker promised. However, if you still have second thoughts, research further on i8 and prepare to be awed further as this hybrid unveils its enormous capacity of a car before your very eyes.