Christmas Gift Ideas With A Difference

Okay I know that Christmas is still a while way away but as the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm and if you want to give someone special an amazing gift then it’s better to start your search early rather than leaving it to the last minute when you might have the ‘anything will do attitude’. So here are some great, unique Christmas gift ideas that will make someone’s Christmas even better.

Christmas Gift Ideas With A Difference

For Him

Ladies here is a tip for you when shopping for your husband, boyfriend, brother etc., men don’t want socks and pants for Christmas. If that has been your go to gift up until now then you should think about getting him something he wants rather than something he needs. Getting something practical is all well and good but getting something you want is just more fun.

Think about what he’s into, most men like their movies so if he is a Star Wars fan then look for collectors’ items such as a lightsabre, original toys to remind them of their youth or personalised memorabilia. A lot of men are also into sports so if he is a big fan of a certain team then getting him a signed ball or programme will mean more to him that you might think. If he is more of active person then how about booking him a day at a racing track where he can drive a sports car, a golfing trip or paintballing session with his friends? Any of these ideas should beat the normal choice of socks and jumpers.

For Her

It’s a well-known fact that women are extremely hard to shop for; it’s not that there is a lack of choice out there, in fact in may be because there is too much choice available. For a man who doesn’t know much about women’s products it can be pretty daunting to know what to buy. We all know the usual go- to’s like perfume, flowers, clothes and handbags for women’s gifts but if you want to be a bit more original then you need to think outside the box a bit.

A personalised gift always goes a long way as it shows that you have taken the time to think about her and given her something that is unique. This could be a set of cocktail glasses, tea cups, mirrors, frames and prints, jewellery and pretty much anything you can think of.

Think about what would really improve her life. Has she been moaning about her contacts hurting her eyes? Then perhaps laser eye surgery would be a good gift for her. If she likes to keep active then signing her up for a yoga class or buying his and her bikes so that you can both cycle together would be a thoughtful gift so have a think about how you can make her life that bit better.

For Mum

Most of us would agree that our mums love having the family all together and so you could use that to your advantage when thinking of the perfect gift to get your mum this Christmas. Think of something that will allow the whole family to get together such as a family photo shoot, a meal in a fancy restaurant, a weekend trip somewhere or booking her in for afternoon tea somewhere fancy with her loved ones. None of these ideas will break their bank but they will bring a smile to your mum’s face and give her a day out with her family which is pretty priceless.

For Dad

Dads can either be the easiest person in the family to buy gifts for because they are happy with anything or they can be the hardest because of the same reason as it is hard to get them excited about any gift.

The secret to buying for your Dad is to find a hobby or passion he has and make it even more enjoyable for him. He doesn’t have a hobby? Then start one for him. Perhaps your dad is recently retired and needs help filling his days? Why not buy him a fishing rod along with a book on all you need to know about catching fish or could achieve the same thing with golf clubs. If he is into his technology then you can find some great apps to buy him and he can have an app for all of life’s daily tasks as well as some games to play which can keep him amused for days on end.

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