Explore A Whole New Side Of Fashion With Indian Clothing

India is a land of vivid colors and cultures. The beautiful diversity that goes from north to south and from east to west, makes the country a land of uniqueness. Everything about India is exclusive – its food, religions, customs, traditions and clothing. thanks to globalizations, the unique culture and clothing of India can be seen in various parts of the world now. People across the globe are getting crazy for Indian good especially food, handicraft and clothing.

What else is best to explain this craze then to say that Spice Girl Victoria Beckham along with other famous Hollywood stars has adorned Indian dresses on different occasions. Indian salwar kameez, sarees, kurtas and handmade jackets are few of the traditional outfits from India that are fantasizing fashionistas around the world.

The ethnic beauty of these dresses has received a modern touch. A beautiful mix of traditional handwork like Chicken-work, thread-work, mirror-work, patch-work, block printing etc. have been blended with western patterns and styles. Together they are creating an all new fashion that has the style, beauty and elegance we all desire.

Traditional Indian Clothing

It is difficult to mention each style of Indian clothing. the subcontinent has a plethora of dresses. Each state and region has its own set of customs and dresses. Typically for women clothing, we can divide it in sarees, salwar kameez and lehengas.

All the three styles come in an array of fabrics such as silk, cotton, khadi, velvet and wool. Various patterns and prints, embellishments, designs and color combinations further add beauty to these dresses.

For example, choose a cotton salwar kameez with bright block prints and adorn it with a yar necklace – you are ready for a lunch with friends. Now, just go with an up-do and add a matching stole, replace the yard necklace with an Art Deco one, and you are perfect to go for an auction at Christie’s or an evening party.

It is very easy to turn a casual look into a formal one and vice versa when you are wearing an Indian outfit because these dresses are perfect for all occasions.

Various styles of salwar kameez

You might not find numerous styles of harem pants that Justin Bieber wear but surely you have an array of style in salwar kameez to choose.

In Kashmiri people wear kaftans, a long, loose woollen kurta with thick embroidery work across the neck and hem of it. The Punjabi kurta is much more fitted. It is combined with a loose and heavily pleated Patiala salwar. Straight comfort-fit kurtas with leggings or churidar make a good formal look.

Transformed Clothing

With the change of time and need, Indian outfits have also undergone a remarkable transformation. This has made them even more desirable. Their usability, comfortability and fashion appeal have tremendously increased their demand in international market.

Kurtas and tunics, wrap-arounds with tribal patterns, hand-weaved stoles and quilted jackets in various patterns are few examples of such outfits. Each of them is easy to combine with everything in your wardrobe. You can pair a tunic with your chunky jewelry for a shopping spree or heavily embellished kurta with leggings for a party look. There is no restriction of how you have to wear them.

The popularity of Indian dresses has taken them from traditional shops to online stores. These days, it is very easy to shop all these styles. Go to online stores likes rajrang.com and choose from the wide assortment of designer and traditional clothing. Isn’t it great to transform your wardrobe from the comfort of your home?