Gravity: Are You Ready to Hold Your Breath?

The A-lister, a Hollywood veteran and an award winning actress of the Blind Side, Sandra Bullock is to experience the space! Yes, for she will play as an astronaut in the upcoming film Gravity which will be premiered on October 4 this year. Not that Bullock has really gone to outer space for a movie shoot. Prior to filming the movie, the best actress had actually phoned and had a chat with a 52 years old real lady astronaut from NASA, Dr. Catherine “Cady” Coleman, who was in the outer space to learn more of how things work in space and how it feels to float around. The two respectable ladies had chatted for many times while Cady was up there orbiting the Earth.

Gravity: Are You Ready to Hold Your Breath?

According to Coleman “It was actually funny to be calling [Bullock] on a cell-phone number.” It was like a girl bonding of which the latter had really appreciated since she was up there with five guys in a three to six months mission. Adding “So this was like having a conversation with a girlfriend — and a really smart one that knew what she needed and what she wanted and also listened a lot to what I said so it was really pretty neat for me.”

Also, Coleman had told Bullock how was it really like floating in space, of which is also the question of the many for sure. “So many people think about what it’s like to float up in space, but what is magic is we’re like living in the land of Peter Pan,” says Coleman discussing that when inside the space station, you can really fly around wherever you wish to go. She also said, “You just fly from place to place — and it is magical. I wanted her to understand that so that she would know that inside she didn’t have to just kind of painfully run around — that she could just go.”

But in the making of the movie, Bullock was actually tied with strings and dangling down like a puppet ready to be manipulated. Of which is to look like she is moving in a space without the strings holding her. Bullock explains what she was really feeling while filming such scene saying “I kind of looked at it as modern interpretive dance. What your body does instinctually here is not at all what it does in space. You had to train your body to move in an unnatural way that required muscle contractions and [reenacts her movements] to make it look like you’re naturally going backwards where you’ve never done in a weird way.”

Actually, aside from the phone calls Bullock and Coleman had also exchanged emails and audio recordings. Space musings audios were sent to Bullock to help her really understand what it is like in the place which has no gravity. In less than a month from now, we will witness how Bullock portrays the things she has learned from outer space in Gravity, which is also starred by George Clooney.