Heard of iPhone 5C?

With the many news that surely got the attention of the world last September 10, the techno-worldsurely had only one news that they about the disclosure of iPhone 5s specs, release date and price last September 10 and lots of them surely have focused on iPhone 5s only. But, little did these people know about iPhone 5C. How about you? Have you heard of iPhone 5C? If not, well yes, there is an iPhone 5C from Apple which will also be launched on September 20 along with iPhone 5s. Although, iPhone 5C is not as sophisticated as that of 5s and is more affordable than the latter, it can be dependable and is capable of handling your no-so-high-end needs from a handset. Nevertheless, it is one of the handsets to look forward to from Apple.

Heard of iPhone 5C?

With the various colors that Apple offers for this handset; lime green, sky blue, strawberry pink, lemon yellow and apple white, surely the teen-ish in you will be unleashed. In addition, this is made of hard-coated polycarbonate for a smooth and perfect finish. There are also silicon cases that are tailored made for this handset to “create exactly the look that you want”, the exact words of Phil Schiller, the Senior Vice President in World Wide Marketing of Apple.

Moreover, iPhone 5C does not only limit its polished features in the outer attributes alone, it is likewise polished inside as it is designed to support global LTE and 4G network protocol for fast mobile internet surfing. It is also packed with the latest version of Bluetooth software which can connect to computers, speakers, fitness trackers and just any devices as long as the device is Bluetooth ready.

If you are one of those users who are so particular with display, this handset is designed with four-inch full retina display; which can support and displays your images and videos and other applications in a great resolution. In addition, this will truly love by users who like selfie shots, for it comes with a rear camera which has an eight (8) mega pixel resolution with a 3x zoom.

It is thought that Apple’s target markets with iPhone 5C are the younger users. They were glued to the idea of the younger consumers’ at ease in using 5C will result to buying an upgrade product, of the same line and of the same network. And with that alone, Apple could be sure of its market in the future generation. Another thing, the Company is slowly withdrawing the iPhone 5 in the marketing, which surprises everyone, to make way for the iPhone 5C. But, their market and support on iPhone 4S will still continue and is now also considered as the entry-level phone.

The long wait will soon be over, for on September 20 of this year, it is expected that this handset will be available in the markets of UK, US and China. It was also divulged that the handset will start in a very competitive price of $99.