Long Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress And Others For A Cooler Climate

If you think that a bridesmaid is supposed to appear timid and insignificant in a wedding when compared to the bride, you are probably living a hundred in the past. Today, bridesmaids are dressing up well, often to steal the show, though that should not ideally be your intention.

There are umpteen ways to dress up as a stylish bridesmaid in a wedding. Various styles of bridesmaid dresses have come up today. Bridesmaid dresses come in various colours, styles and cuts. A navy blue bridesmaid dress can overwhelm you when you choose the appropriate style and cut that suits you and goes well with the wedding as well.

Today, let us look at how you should choose the perfect dress when you choose to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid in a cooler climate.

Long dresses

Cooler climates mean that you should have yourself well protected at all times. This means that you should ideally select a longer bridesmaid dress for the wedding. Now though a longer dress is good for cold weather, the length of the dress may not be suitable for you if you are a bit short.

In such cases, go for a shorter bridesmaid dress, or get the long dress tailored appropriately to suit your figure.

Rich colours

A colder climate always reminds me of richer hues and colours. In fact, longer dresses go very well with darker shades of blue, purple and maroon. You may want to go for a navy blue bridesmaid dress, a purple long dress or even a brown or maroon dress.

However, the colour selection will depend a lot on the colour the bride is planning to wear. Therefore, choose your colour accordingly.

The correct fabric

Longer dresses and richer colours often go very well with richer fabrics. A navy blue bridesmaid dress of satin fabric or velvety texture can be perfect for a cooler climate. Not only will it let you stay warm, but it will help you don a royal look at the same time!

The right level of comfort

Always remember, no dress is good enough for you unless it is comfortable and lets you move around freely. As a bridesmaid, you would have to move around quite a bit, while you attend to the bride and speak to the guests in the wedding party.

Therefore, always choose something that lets you be comfortable at all times.

The appropriate accessories

To get the complete good looks, choose the right accessories, shoes and hairstyle to go with the dress of your choice. High heel shoes, elegant write bands, ribbons and a stylish and trendy haircut are some of the things to go for, ensuring that your style matches perfectly with the dress you choose to wear.

The right bargain

Finally, always order your navy blue bridesmaid dress from a quality store online. I would prefer a store like My Bride Dress that specialises in wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.Just ensure that you get the products delivered to your home well ahead of the wedding so that you get enough time to plan everything correctly.

Lindsey is a blogger covering articles on fashion and weddings. Here she discusses what you should consider when buying the perfect navy blue bridesmaid dress for the upcoming wedding.