Silver Or Gold Chain? – How Your Choice Of Metal Can Affect Your Outfit

Fashion ‘rules’ can often be taken with a pinch of salt, but there are some rules that are followed fastidiously by the general population.

For example: do not wear plaid and stripes together. This is a rule that’s pretty universally followed. Also, you shouldn’t wear clashing colors – and yes, this extends to jewellery fashion faux pas, such as the long-standing rule that you should not wear gold and silver together.

The history of “do’s and don’ts” of jewellery has a far-reaching history. There have been many myths and legends surrounding the act of wearing jewellery. In ancient Egyptian times, it was common to apply meaning to different gems and metals according to the placement on the body. For instance, if one were to wear a necklace with a gold chain/pendant placed on the chest, it was believed to ‘open up’ the consciousness. Today, jewellery serves as a different purpose – still, precious metals are a vital accessory to any fashionable outfit.

What Your Metal Choice Says About You (Or Your Outfit)

Jewellery has long been used as statement pieces without much religious or cultural meaning behind it. Today, precious metals are arguably worn as status symbols more than ever. However, whether you wear gold chain, silver chain, copper, or sterling silver, you’ll be showing off your personality too – with the added benefit of complimenting your outfit.

As a general rule, silver and black complement each other, while copper and browns, yellows, or greens go well together too. If you are going for a more dramatic look, gold and black tend to clash, but depending on the outfit, it could work. If you were to mix gold and black in an outfit, however, it is best to wear it at night.

A good guideline is to choose a metal and stick with it. If you have a gold necklace on your neck, silver rings or bracelets will take away from the theme and may leave you looking confused.

There are instances that you can enhance your look with different colors and textures – copper and gold can be a good option because they are in the same color scheme. The trick is to pay attention to the subtle qualities of the metals, as it is the nuances of the metals that will make or break your outfit.

Why To Wear Jewellery

Jewellery has the amazing ability to bring elegance and sophistication to an outfit. It has the capability to dress up an outfit and turn it from a dazzling day outfit to an erudite evening outfit. While it serves as a delicate addition to your look, you should not overlook the great benefits jewellery can bring. By paying a bit more attention to your metals in your wardrobe, you can turn a drab outfit into a firm favourite.

With a little forethought, you can change your look for the better – without a makeover or shopping spree. Next time you are getting ready, take a look at the silver and gold chains you already own and see what new outfits you can pair them. Have fun!

Louisa Jenkins is a blogger with a diverse range of interests, including fashion, photography and environmental issues. She buys her gold chain jewellery from: