Top Tips For Keeping Your Child Stylish In The Rain

It’s no secret that England has its fair share of rain, and while this may be a fun-spoiler for many parents and kids out there, this is no reason for you to also fall into that category. When the rain starts to fall down from the sky, yours and your child’s spirit should go up. You should get dressed appropriately for the occasion, and go outside for some fun in the rain. Still, if you don’t have the proper equipment, this may be the worst decision ever. The most integral part of having fun in the rain is the selection of a proper rain boots for your child.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Child Stylish In The Rain

High Quality Rubber Rain Boots

There are two types of rain boots for children: high-quality rubber rain boots and poor-quality rubber rain boots. The poor-quality rubber rain boots can be detected as soon as your child takes them off. The feet of your precious little one will be wet, due to the fact that the rubber is of poor quality and it is not waterproof. The high-quality rain boots, on the other hand, are waterproof and are tested through several stages that will be a warrant of their quality.

The company that manufactures the rain boots should first of all subject the boots to heavy rain, and if the rubber doesn’t allow water to pass through it, then they can move onto the next stage. This second stage enables the manufacturer to test the time and the amount of water needed to soak the boots. The longer the time and the higher the amount of water is, the higher the quality of the rubber is also.

Moreover, the last stage consists of pouring water inside the rain boots and measuring the time needed for the boots to be completely dry. The manufacturers that take pride in their children’s collection of rain boots usually display all of the aforementioned information on their websites, and additionally you can ask for the specifications about testing upon purchase.

The Interior of the Rain Boots

While it is very important that you opt for a vulcanised natural rubber outer construction, it is also significant that you pay some attention to the interior of the rain boots as well. Ideally, the lining will be made of soft and warm material that can be dried quickly, most preferably nylon, whilst the footbed should be made of a multi-layered sponge with an orthopaedic insole. The rain boots should be knee high, as this will prevent the legs of your child getting wet from the splashing water.

The Size Matters

When you purchase rain boots for your child, make sure to buy one size up, as you will want your child to be warm and wear thicker socks. You will want to have enough room for the trousers to be tucked inside as well. In order to keep your child stylish, you can order some unique and attractive socks, which will guarantee that their rain boots are fun, fab and fashionable.

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