Tops Tips For Learning To Play Faster When Playing Slow

Learning to play an instrument can be quite hard work. It is really easy to start thinking that it will be forever before you learn to master the instrument. There are tons of different tips online to tell you the best tricks for learning to play fast.

But the truth is that it might require you to slow down in order to learn quicker. Here are some tips for practicing slow but learning faster.

What Do You Need To Do?

The main idea behind this practicing method is all about dividing your learning into smaller sections. So if you have a specific song in mind you need to divide it into smaller sections and then take these smaller sections and divide them into even smaller sections. In the end you will be learning tiny sections of eight to ten notes at a time.

This small ten-note section is then repeated many times over and over again. This repetition will help your brain to remember it and you will quickly start getting better at it. At any one time you could be learning three different ten-note sections, for example.

Slowing Down

It is also really important that when you are practicing the small section you try playing it a little bit slower. You shouldn’t play it too slow or you might lose the tone and structure of the song. But try to play it slow enough that you don’t keep making a lot of mistakes.

This will help you create the right memory for your brain to make it easier to play it correctly each time. And as you will be repeating the small section over and over again, you will quickly notice yourself playing it a lot quicker automatically.

Repetition Is The Key

The key for this practicing method lies in the repetition. It is important that you try to find a balance between the right repetition count for yourself. You don’t want to make yourself too tired repeating any single part because it can easily get you to make mistakes.

A good idea is to repeat the section as many times as you can during a five-minute period. Then move onto another section and repeat it for five-minutes. This Aspiring Guitarist website also reminds you that you need to take a five to ten minute break after 20 to 30 minutes of learning to guarantee you learn the most efficiently.

Make Use Of Online Sources

It is a good idea to get support for your new slower learning process on the internet. There are plenty of good websites for learning to play different instruments. Just use Google to find your specific instrument. For example, when searching for saxophone you could take slow learning saxophone lessons at

You should also make sure to download different tabs online for learning the songs. These can help you divide the song into sections and thus help you focus on a small part at a time. Just remember to take your time and change between different sections once you master one of them.

John Clarke loves to play the guitar and he is always looking for new tips to improve his skills. He is really interested in blues music and would love to travel to the Deep South to find the real blues sound.